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Aromatic Blends

Love that Peanut Butter: 


I am not a usual aromatic smoker. Most of my regular tobaccos are straight VA, VaBur, VaPer, Burley forward blends, etc. I smoke a lot of British and European tobacco. A lot of Gawith. One of my buddies passed along a few ounces of your peanut butter blend. I had been interested in trying it, but I had never ordered any since I shy away from heavily flavored blends. That was last Saturday. I have, no joke, smoked NOTHING BUT this peanut butter blend since last Saturday. I’ve mixed it with a few things, like semois and vanilla roll cake, but only a few times. This stuff is just absolutely amazing. I cannot get enough of it.  It’s just so fantastic. There are not enough kudos to offer you for such an outstanding creation. Sooner or later I’ll try the peanut butter and chocolate, but for now, I’m on a tear with this stuff. I was in a bit of a rut, and getting bored with my normal plethora of options. I have NEVER found a blend that I have been so enamored with, even with a hefty supply of “unobtanium tobacco”. Thank you so much for developing this. You’ve blown my mind.


Warmest, most sincere regards,


- Jason B