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Vanilla is added in bountiful portions to provide a sweet taste and marvelous aroma to this flue-cured black Cavendish. Plenty of rich flavor and an extremely mild taste.



2oz.    9.25      4oz.    17.25      8oz.    33.25      16oz.    64.00


  • The sugary black cavendish is smooth and creamy that is complimented by the mild vanilla topping. Very one dimensional, it makes a decent mixer as well as an okay smoke on its own, though I think it’s rather expensive to be a mixer when cheaper, similar tasting straight BC bends are on the market. Has virtually no nicotine, and won't bite or get harsh. Burns slow, requires some relights and may need a little dry time, depending on your preference. Leaves a little moisture in the bowl, but no dottle. Has a fair after taste and good room note.  


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