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Wilke Butter Scotch Black Cavendish


Our premium Butterscotch Black Cavendish has a pleasant richly sweet and mildly sour, burnt flavor that will endlessly appeal to your taste buds.


2oz.    9.65      4oz.    18.00      8oz.    34.75      16oz.    67.00

Wilke Butter Scotch Black Cavendish

  • The deeply rich, punchy butterscotch is sweet and also sports a mildly savory burnt toast, lightly bitter and sugary with a small floral note and a pleasantly lingering after taste and room note. The strength is a step shy of the medium mark. The taste is medium. The nic-hit is a slot below the center of mild to medium. There’s no chance of bite or harshness. The tobacco is a little moist, but I saw no need to dry it. Burns cool, clean and rather smooth with no artificial or chemical notes to the finish. Leaves little dampness in the bowl, and requires an average number of relights. Can be an all day smoke. 


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