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WILKE No. 515

This is the blend smoked by Basil Rathbone, Wilke's famous No. 515. A blend of ribbon cut Virginias and toasted Black Cavendish, or as the Wilke sisters described it: " exotic tobaccos aged in a rare Jamaica Rum - smooth, mild with a delightful aroma".



2oz.    9.75      4oz.    18.25      8oz.    35.25      16oz.    68.00

WILKE No. 515

  • The lightly spicy, richly sweet Jamaican rum topping, which is moderately sublimates the tobaccos though it doesn’t drown them out. I suspect a touch of coumarin is present, too, which would account for the light floral and more obvious vanilla notes. The flue cured Virginia is hay-like, grassy, and lightly tart and tangy citrusy with a touch of bread. It takes a bare lead over the sugary black cavendish. The strength is a couple of steps past the mild mark, while the taste is just past the center of mild to medium. Has a very mild nic-hit. Won't bite or get harsh, and has no rough edges. Well blended, it burns cool and clean at a moderate pace with a very consistent flavor from start to finish. Leaves almost no moisture in the bowl, and requires an average number of relights. The lightly lingering after taste and room notes are sweet, and slightly floral. That floralness distinguishes it from the P&W Rumcake, which used this blend as starting point, and adds a nice complexity here. It's a tad more noticeable when dry. An all day comfortable smoke, one which was favored by actor Basil Rathbone. Four stars out of four.


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