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Pipe Repair Options

Hard Rubber - Regular/Large $20
Hard Rubber - Extra Large $24
Hard Rubber - Twin Bore $24
Hard Rubber - 7-9" Churchwarden $26
Hard Rubber - Freehand Danish $24
Acrylic Lucite - black & colors - Small, Medium, Large $26
Bend Stem $3
Delrin Tenon Plug in Stem Refit bit w/new tenon $18
Savinelli Triangular 6mm Filter Tenon Special Custom Made $24
Briar Plug Patch hole in bowl heel $20
Nickel band Short - regular $18
Nickel band Long - special $24
Sterling Band Custom fitted - Short & Long $32 & up
Ream, Clean & Polish Cut cakes, re-drill, refreshed $15 & up
Refinish pipe bowl - Sand, Stain & Polish $25 & up
Mortise Sleeve - Briar or Delrin Insert $20 & up
Dunhill White Dot / Savinelli Brass Dot 1/16" $10
Broken shank rejoined Inner tube $20 & up
New Briar shank w/new bit - Inner tube $45 & up
New Briar shank w/original bit Inner tube $30 & up
Top off bowl - Flatten or shorten top $15
Peterson System bit (No Logo) - (if available) $35
Peterson Std bit or Tankard (No Logo) (if available) $25
Tighten & polish stem - Any material stem $5
Cut shank - shorten - Bore & shoulder square $15
Extra thin or fantail custom cut - Vulcanite or Lucite $10 & up
New Aluminum fittings installed Male/Female (if available) $15
Transfer original Alum. fittings (male) to new stem $10

For Repairs, please print this page circle repair service(s) Needed and ship to the address below. For repairs not listed above, Contact us with any questions. 

Note* an $7.75 shipping charge is automatically added to this total. Any shipping costs above this amount may be added to your total. Your total may also be subject to change depending on the pipe. Please Note: Due to the fragile nature of the work I do it is impossible to assure that things can’t happen while working on your pipes. All risks are assumed by the owner. Also I will take what ever action needed to facilitate the repair which may lead to an additional fee. Thank you for your understanding.

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