WILKE No. 111


A nice mild Oriental with a touch of Latakia with Virginia and burley tobacco.


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WILKE No. 111

  • The rather floral, herbal, woody, buttery sweet and lightly sour, earthy, moderately spicy Orientals take a little of the lead. The very nutty, earthy, woody, toasty sweet burley plays an important support role. The grassy, citrusy Virginia is between being a secondary player and a condiment. The smoky, earthy, woody, musty sweet Cyprian Latakia is almost a condiment, and the flavor push it provides rounds out the experience. The strength and the taste are a step or two past the mild level. The nic-hit is mild. No chance of bite or harshness, and has no rough edges. Burns cool and clean at a reasonable pace with well balanced, nuanced, very consistent taste that is a little richer than expected given the strength level. Hardly leaves any dampness in the bowl, and requires an average number of relights. Has a short lived, pleasant after taste and room note. Those looking for a stronger, more Oriental forward blend may find this to be a little light, but not only is this an all day smoke, it is a good starting point for the novice wondering what Orientals can do in a blend without being overwhelmed by their presence. And it’s complex enough to hold the interest of the veteran smoker all day as well. Four stars out of four.

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