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Made by WIlke for Nate Sherman
Black cavendish topped with Latakia and Tennessee burley to make a mild English blend. 


2oz.    10.25      4oz.    19.25      8oz.    37.25      16oz.    72.00


  • The nutty, molasses and sugary sweet, earthy, woody Tennessee burley has some richness and is the lead component, but barely so. The brown sugary, lightly toasty black cavendish is a close second. The grassy, citrusy, lightly dark fruity and earthy Virginia is a secondary player. The smoky, woody, sweet Cyprian latakia is just above being a condiment. The strength is just past the mild level, while the taste is a tad stronger. The nic-hit is mild. No chance of bite or harshness, and has no roughness. Well balanced, it burns cool and clean at a slightly more than moderate pace with a very consistent flavor from start to finish. Leaves little moisture in the bowl, and requires few relights. Has a pleasant, short lived after taste. An all day, comfortable smoke.


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