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WILKE No. 524

This traditional British mixture consists of matured pan-fired Virginia, non-aromatic Black Cavendish, Latakia, and Turkish Yenidje. A rich full bodied blend.


2oz.    9.65      4oz.    18.00      8oz.    34.75      16oz.    67.00

WILKE No. 524

  • The Syrian latakia is very smoky and dry wood-like with a minimum of sweetness, and is the dominant tobacco, though it allows room for the other components. The Virginia has a little grass and earth with a load of sweet fruit and citrus. The yenidje is wood and smoke with a touch of sweet floral, and though it’s obvious in every puff, it’s a supporting player that lacks a little of the strength I generally associate with yenidje. The nic-hit is slightly more than mild, which I found a little surprising considering the richness of the flavors. The tobacco was a little moist, but I had no issues with the burn rate, and not too many relights were necessary. Burns cool, clean, and creamy though the flavor occasionally weakens just a little in the final quarter of the smoke. No bite. Leaves a little moisture in the bowl, but no dottle. The room note is smoke and wood, but not strong. Friends will know you're smoking an English blend.  


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